Come be in the room where it happens
2 nights at a beach hotel reserved just for us. 167 attendees.

People into growth and experimentation come together on June 2023 in Laulasmaa, Estonia.

Elite Camp helps you build a strong peer network

Events are not about the content. People forget what one or another speaker said. This event focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people.

Conferences are made for lasting professional relationships. That’s the whole point. We’ve designed this event around this very idea.

That’s not to say content doesn’t matter: it does, and we’re bringing our A-game.

We will match you up with people you need to meet

We start by surveying every attendee about what they’re working on, key goals, and obstacles.

Whatever problems you have, whatever your aspirations - someone else has those exact same goals and challenges. Many have already solved them. At Elite Camp, we’ll match you up with people who are on a similar journey as you.

Based on what you tell us, we will

  • create dedicated discussion roundtables, so people working on similar things get together and learn from each other.
  • match you up with relevant folks with the exact same problems or goals

Too many events focus on the agenda. We focus on connecting you with peers you have a lot in common.

Laulasmaa Spa & Conference

Laulasmaa, Estonia

June, 2023

10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

146/167 Available Seats

Hurry up! Tickets always sell out!

2 hotel nights and meals included

Parties, Spa access

Structured discussions, peer to peer learning

We’re facilitating bringing together people with similar interests and challenges for better learning and connection-making.

Half of this event’s agenda is going to be roundtable discussions and connections in small groups. This way you get to actually learn how something is done while becoming fast friends.

Who should attend this event

We start by surveying every attendee about what they’re working on, key goals, and obstacles.

This event has a very specific focus. We’re looking forward to hosting people with these 2 focus areas:

  • Experimentation and CRO
  • B2B demand generation and growth marketing

For each track, there will be a variety of discussion topics to choose from for each discussion round.

Select keynotes by industry top thinkers and doers. Structured roundtables around the specific challenges and goals attendees have. Ample time for true connection building with like-minded people.