Elite Camp

June 16-17 2017Tallinn, Estonia
Elite Camp Urban Edition: A 2-Day Event on Growth, Conversions and Traffic

Elite Camp brings together top CRO, growth and acquisition practitioners in Europe

Learn how the best practitioners in the industry are getting results. We bring you 100% practical and actionable content. All speakers are hand-picked and world class. Learn what's working for them and start getting results like the best.

✓ Practical advice that you can implement right away
✓ Every speaker is a practitioner and a respected industry leader
✓ Designed for networking: 3 parties for connecting with peers

The event starts in the morning of June 16. Get yourself to Tallinn the night before, and come to the pre-party!










World Class Speakers: People Who Know Their Stuff

John Doe


Growth Driven Chief Operating Officer

Morgan Brown is a startup marketing veteran with more than 15 years helping early stage companies find traction and breakout growth.

John Doe

Angie Schottmuller

Growth Marketing Advisor

I help organizations catapult ROI and get an average 4X more out of existing marketing efforts through better understanding of customers and persuasive psychology.

John Doe


Growth & Content Marketer @ Web Profits

Co-founder of Web Profits, a growth marketing agency helping companies with greatest marketing strategy to fuel their businesses. Sujan has 13+ years of marketing experience

John Doe


Principal @ CXL

Founder of CXL and CXL Institute. Conversion optimization champion. Speaker, author, optimizer. He calls your bullshit.

John Doe


Managing partner @ AGConsult

Els creates online strategie for large organizations. She does user research for companies like Bridgestone and Orange to improve their websites and online strategy.

John Doe


Founder and Executive Chairman @ Multiplica

20+ years of experience in marketing. Specialized in providing digital marketing expertise for travel, e-commerce and financial institutions throughout the US and Europe.

John Doe


Head of Product @ Balinea

Customer advocate - I love when our team delivers products that fulfill an actual customer need and grow the business significantly at the same time.

John Doe


Chief Psychology Officer @ Euroflorist

Cognitive Psychologist, Data Driven Customer Experience Engineer and a Digital Native. I love testing hypotheses about human behavior in online environments and building communities.


Principal Designer, Booking.com

In Erin's 4+ years working at Booking.com, she's run over 1,200 A/B tests. From concept generation to technical implementation--the whole way through to analysis and decision making, she's gained invaluable insights about each step in the optimization process.

John Doe


CEO @ Conversion.com

Stephen is one of the most well-known CRO influencers thanks to his many client successes and industry insights.

John Doe


Optimization expert, CEO of Web Arts

Co-Founder of Global Optimization Group, Author, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneur, Growth Marketer, Dad, Piano-Player


CEO @ CareerFoundry

Co-Founder of CareerFoundry, online school for UX Training. Dedicated to educating the digital talent, helping people build a career they love and promoting UX.


Lean UX @ IdeaHackers.nl

Creator of Problem-Solution fit canvas. She helps get practical insights into customer state limitations and decision-making process.


Founder at Effective Experiments

Manuel heads up the product development and growth at Effective Experiments.

John Doe


Professor & Google Analytics Consultant @ Jeffalytics

Jeff manages millions in dollars in online advertising spend every year. I advise some of the biggest brands in the world on how to best approach interactive marketing strategy.

John Doe


VP Product Analytics @ Zalando SE

5 years at Zalando in various roles, now VP Product Analytics. I believe that a true data and experimentation culture helps us moving faster and build an even better customer experience.


CIO @ NetBooster Group

23 years being a Digital Strategist, Data Scientist, Analytics Evangelist, Futurist.


UX Designer @ Doberman

UX Designer with experience from the media industry. She has a deep understanding of different screen formats. She combines this with technical depth and flare for user research.



Founder of one of the top inbound marketing agencies in the United States.


Founder of Online Dialogue

Founder of Online Dialogue, has crazy hair and is optimizing websites since 1996. First his own, now for companies that have a little more users than 34.

Digital Elite Camp Schedule

Plan to get to Tallinn on June 15. City tour at 5pm and pre-party at 7pm!

Coffee and handshakes

Peep will share his top 10 lessons learned over the previous 10 years of doing optimization.

Companies want to go and grow faster, but too many of them are stuck in the same way of doing business, with siloed teams and limited ability to change outcomes. In this talk, Morgan will discuss how companies can transform themselves into true growth organizations by building growth teams and establishing a new process and cadence for growth. Examples from BitTorrent, Facebok, Uber and Morgan's own experience.

Problem-Solution fit canvas is based on the principles of Lean Startup, LUM (Lazy User Model) and User Experience design, it combines everything you need to identify patterns and recognize what would work and why. It is a template for entrepreneurs, marketers and corporate innovators, which helps you identify solutions with higher chances for solution adoption, reduce time spent on testing and get a better overview of the current situation.

Food and networking

Content marketing is the most effective way to build brand, traffic and trust but that’s not all. Did you know there’s more ways to leverage content? Sujan walks you through how to use content to fuel the top of your funnel, repurpose content to nurture & convert your leads and for post conversion marketing. His talk will leave you with a framework you can follow to better leverage content & 11+ tactics to apply to your business today.

In 2015, IMPACT already had a popular blog with 50,000 monthly readers. From that blog, we generated a customer every couple of months, but knew it could be better.

This is a case study on how we applied all 6 steps of the ResearchXL model to increase traffic to 250,000 / mo, increase our subscriber conversion rate by 50%, and increase overall revenue from content marketing by 4x.

Coffee break with snacks

With today’s emphasis on quantitative research and (big) data, it’s easy to forget the web is really about people. Qualitative user research is a great way to get to know the people who use your sites or apps better. Knowing when to use which user research method and for which purpose is key. In this session Els will talk about the differences between various user testing methods and show you some interesting tools. Because knowing what makes your customers tick, is crucial for online success.

How to bring data-informed decision making to the next level? You need to start by creating and fostering a culture of data-informed product development.

Coffee break with snacks

In this talk, I review the current key challenges in todays tracking and suggest a new view of what's needed from the data collection, the metrics/dimensions and KPI's to the customer-centric views. I'll also touch on the missing pieces of footfall into physical locations and the importance of in-home bots. I'll demo a bot build on Assistant.

There is so much talk in the market about attribution that it’s a magic bullet, and I don’t think it’s really that special for 99% of companies. I was thinking of showing where attribution doesn’t make sense, then building to a situation where it does make sense for a company (as they get bigger). Showing why it’s not important and mixing in alternatives along the way.

Drinks and conversations.

Party at the event venue. Music, drinks, socializing.

Morning coffee with snacks

How to predict the needs of your customers without knowing them.

Nicolas will discuss how he and his team have been able to improve results in companies. What went well and what went wrong, and what would we do differently. Some of the questions I will speak about are: How to set up up the right mindset in your internal team? How can I bring innovation in my testing? How can I make a i positive impact on my customer by making them an part of the test? What is the best way to get some real value of your partnerships?

You will get some ideas that you will be able to apply at your work, and hopefully get some inspiration to come up with some new ones on your own after the keynote.

Coffee break with snacks

Creating the best user experience from the inside, out: A step-by-step guide for SMEs.

Lunch at the venue

Most experiments are focused on user experience – testing new copy, designs and layouts. But how can we apply the same principles of experimentation elsewhere – using it to improve product and pricing too?

In this session, Stephen will share how you can apply an experimentation framework to any opportunity or challenge – and how this can transform a business’s approach to product, marketing, and risk.

Imagine you have nothing to sell – What conversion to you optimize for? With insights from Mic and Swedish GIANTS Expressen & Aftonbladet you’ll learn News Media Online Optimization.

Coffee break with snacks

How we include our whole online team of 35 in optimization. How we "sell" online optimization to the rest of the organization, including how we calculate ROI, share findings with the whole company (200 people) and involve other departments.

During Erin's 4+ years at Booking.com she's run over 1,200 A/B tests. She lives and breathes the whole process: from concept generation to technical implementation—the whole way through to experiment analysis and final decision making.

Considering only 1 out of 10 tests at Booking.com are successful, you could say that she's a pretty big failure. So, what has she learned by designing with data and failing to succeed? She'll present a list of common pitfalls, complete with examples and practical tips, that you can take back to your team.

Coffee break

You read blog articles and go to conferences where experts from big companies or agencies tell you how to run the best-in-class AB testing program.

But your reality is different: you have little trafic to test on, no real budget for AB testing and almost no resources... How can you still embrace AB testing and make it work?

Should you dive deeper into a specialty or broaden your knowledge across disciplines? It's an ongoing challenge for every growth marketer. It can take years to build adequate cross-channel knowledge that fuels big-picture strategy. You'll get a full-stack in just 30 minutes! Angie will share 7 remarkable hybrid hacks -- deep insights that cross multiple disciplines. You'll gain simple, clever wins and technical game-changers guaranteed to broaden your optimization mindset and make a bigger impact for your organization.

Drinks and conversations.

We're throwing the best party in town in the Seaplane Harbour. It's going to be ridiculously fun. You have to come.

Morning coffee with snacks

Imagine you have nothing to sell – What conversion to you optimize for? With insights from Swedish GIANTS Expressen & Aftonbladet you’ll learn News Media Online Optimization.

Imagine you have nothing to sell – What conversion to you optimize for? With insights from Swedish GIANTS Expressen & Aftonbladet you’ll learn News Media Online Optimization.

Coffee break with snacks

Caleb Whitmore

Caleb Whitmore

Jeff Sauer

Jeff Sauer

The End with snacks

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what people say

We spent three fantastic days in Estonia attending the Digital Elite Camp. There were amazing speakers presenting the latest tricks and tips when it comes to traffic & conversion.
Stacey MacNaught and Hana Bednarova tecmark.co.uk
Fantastic conference in Estonia. 3 days of seminars, workshops and networking, where the key message was to apply a testing framework that relies upon a foundation of analytics; user research; segmentation and operational site performance.
Ben Amos opentext.com
If you are an entrepeneur or marketing professional and any part of your efforts involve digital you should visit Elite Camp. We have been there twice. Last year we were blown away by the ammount of knowledge we could gain from just the other attendees.
Reino Meriläinen isolta.fi



Q1: What if I'm coming from another country?

Most are! Know that you're really, really welcome and wanted. We want you to come, and will take good care of you. It's easy to get around - there's Uber and all taxis take credit cards. The event location is near the airport.

Q2: Which hotel should I stay at?

It's fully up to you. The closest hotel to the event venue (8 min walk) is Hotel Ülemiste (4*), right next to the airport.

Q3: Is the event in English?

Yes, 100% in English. It's a fully international event.

Q4: What's the cancellation policy?

If you cancel before May 1st, 100% refund. If you cancel up to 30 days before, we'll refund 50%. No refunds if cancelled after that. You can always transfer the ticket to someone else.

Q5: Is there a money back guarantee?

If you're not happy with what you learned, you'll get 100% refund. Yup, we're confident you're gonna love it.


  • SpaceX Event Center

    Keevise 6, Tallinn, Estonia Google Maps link
  • info@digitalelitecamp.com
  • +372 502 3598 Priit Kallas