Lukas Vermeer

Scientist & Storyteller, experiments @
lukas vermeer

Lukas Vermeer

Scientist & Storyteller, experiments @
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I help hundreds of people run experiments to make  better. I explain science using historical narratives and teach statistics through storytelling.

Lukas combines industry experience in online experimentation and Data Science with an academic background in computing science and machine learning.

Highly motivated, quick-witted, eager to learn, coach and teach, and able to think outside of any given box, Lukas has excellent analytical skills, communicative abilities and technical dexterity.

He can unravel the problem, explain the answer and build the solution.

Currently employed by the world’s leading accommodation website, Lukas is responsible for the internal tooling and training that helps product development improve the customer experience in measurable steps through thousands of experiments.


Big Data or Small Data; all data tells a story. Through practical examples and live simulations, Lukas helps the audience understand how data can be used to gain valuable insights.


Doing science might seem straightforward, but the devil is in the details. Lukas uses historical narratives to illustrate the numerous practical pitfalls involved in applying the Scientific Method.


Statistics sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. By explaining statistical concepts through compelling stories and concrete examples, Lukas makes statistics accessible for any audience.

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