André Vieira

Founder & Head of Optimization @Looptimize
andré vieira

André Vieira

Founder & Head of Optimization @Looptimize


I’m a customer journey optimization expert who spent a considerable amount of time over the past 10 years exploring the intersection between analytics and human behavior in digital platforms with one goal: understanding what makes people tick when they navigate interfaces.

This gave me the opportunity to help more than 100 companies across the globe improve the value they generate with their customer journeys and marketing initiatives. During this process I’ve come to realize that my value to businesses and people alike can be fairly well summarized by the following three points:

  • I’ve lived and breathed digital my whole life. I have extensive experience with customer journey optimization in digital platforms, having worked in all sorts of digital projects for diverse agencies and companies.
  • I am a nonconformist. In my modest opinion, things should work properly, always. I do not settle for suboptimal results.
  • I love to learn, and I love to teach. I genuinely do. I believe that collaboration is a unique key to unlock powerful outcomes. This makes me go more than the extra mile to make sure that everyone (including myself) and everything around me is constantly evolving.

Although I’m currently based in Hamburg, Germany, I’m actually from Brazil. As expected from the warm South American stereotype, I’m always happy to connect and have a good talk about any topic. Reach out and let’s chat :)!

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