Workshop: Charles and Craig’s Cornucopia of Google Analytics Tricks

Craig Sullivan
craig sullivan
14 Jun 2019

Workshop: Charles and Craig’s Cornucopia of Google Analytics Tricks

Craig & Charles have nearly 30 years of experience with configuring, fixing and improving Google Analytics setups. All their work is based around outcomes – removing confusion, pollution and bias from thousands of companies by making reports simpler, clearer and more useful for their teams. Over the last two years, they’ve deduced the easiest and most powerful ways to massively increase the organisational value you get out of Google Analytics.

They’ve also asked their favourite analytics practitioners to contribute here, to make this the most comprehensive set of tips around. You’ll learn the best ways to improve your reporting, clean up your data, automate common and boring tasks and create simple and actionable dashboards or reports.

This session is for anyone who uses Google Analytics as part of their job – whether you’re a beginner or expert, work in marketing, tech, UX or CRO, there’s a useful tip here that will improve your insights and productivity.

You’ll learn the difference between companies that have analytics installed and those that actually manage to get simple, accurate and insightful data. If you want to close this gap, these tips will transform how you use reports, where you go for answers and how fast you get them.

The training includes all the materials you’ll need to do this stuff back at the office. You’ll leave with custom reports, templates, excel sheets, articles and further reading so you have everything you need to massively power up GA within your company.