When do you stop analysing and start taking action?

Khrystyna Grynko
khrystyna grynko
13 Jun 2020

When do you stop analysing and start taking action?

Modern companies are using more and more advanced data analysis techniques.

They build a complete data infrastructure to analyse EVERYTHING because they want to be “”data-driven”” and to make super-intelligent decisions based on their data!

Because that is how you succeed in the market and make money, right?

But sometimes too much data and overanalysing can cost you a lot of time and money without bringing any positive outcomes.

In this talk, Khrystyna Grynko will show how you can make a small company grow from a local to an international organisation with just a few, important and transformative KPIs that show you how far you should go in your analysing and where/when to stop.

Learn to build a simple analysis process, choose the right KPIs and build an easy-to-use dashboard to take action rapidly without over-analysing or spending too much of your precious time.”