Validation in every Organization

Validation in every Organization
Ton Wesseling
14 Jun 2019

Validation in every Organization

Summary (for now – could be changed along the way – CRO is dead, in the future you are going to make sales for your company/clients or you help embed a validation driven way of working)

If you want to go forward as a digital business you need to get things done. This is something we all optimized the last decades – more productivity per employee. The faster the better. The big question nowadays is: are we getting the rights things done, are we adding value to the things we do? I’m not saying you should maximize Return on Investment on employees, on costs. I’m making a plea for steering on the needed ROI to maximize growth. Balancing quantity and quality – lowering risk by adding validation principles in such a way that growth is maximized.

Validation is a formula that works for every company – SMB and Enterprise, high numbers of online users and low numbers of online users. In this talk I’ll explain to you:

Why validation is more important than CRO
Why validation is more than embedding trustworthy experimentation
The validation formula and how it should be used

And of course, I’ll share what the key principles are to embed this way of working successfully in your company. This is a golden session for business owners and managers, product owners and managers and everyone working in conversion optimization, it will change your perspective on CRO.