Leap Forward through Analytics

Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart
14 Jun 2019

Leap Forward through Analytics

In standard setup Google Analytics reports traffic data, just by adding the basic code snippet

However, there are several options and additions which add essential insight for improving conversion performance and profit

This presentation will use examples to of ways to use and abuse Google Analytics data for more nuanced data

Intelligent capture and use of Events, custom dimensions and eCommerce data to optimise your conversion performance – even on lead gen sites

Covering setup and analysis of key metrics to understand where users lose their way on the conversion journey

Examples of additional measurement and tips to set these up using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

This will use some case specific examples but also some general examples with ideas to take away.

This will explain

What to consider

What to measure

Why there is no one single “right” way

How to tailor your approach depending on your audience, your proposition and your business objectives.

Leap forward through Analytics