Fantastic Fiascos and where to find them

Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart
12 Jun 2020

Fantastic Fiascos and where to find them

Optimisation programs have the hopes and dreams of the business attached to them. The growth plan will make the difference between success and failure.

But what happens if the plan you have in place to fix things… breaks?

Optimisation programs frequently stall out, create problems and friction that can destroy the entire initiative. And with it the hopes, dreams and sometimes the careers of the people involved

But there are ways to avoid the worst outcomes, steps you can take to turn around a failing program.

This talk will cover some tips and tricks learned from over 10 years of disaster recovery and course-correcting optimisation teams & programs

You need to see this talk so you can learn about

  • Identifying IF there is a problem (clue, there probably is already)
  • Identifying what IS the underlying cause
  • Working with what you have to turn the fiasco into a fiesta
  • Breaking down what is needed to fix this into key principle steps
  • Breaking down what is needed to stop this happening again, into the new way of working
  • Negotiating the time and resource to turn it all around

The most successful optimisation programs are not the ones that have never had problems. The most successful optimisation teams are the ones who have had problems, but learned how to spot and solve them.

If you don’t think this applies to you, you’re probably halfway to disaster and don’t realise it yet. You owe it to your future self to deal with the issues that will come better informed, better prepared and fully armed for the fight.