Panel / workshop

els aerts
15 Jun 2018

Panel / workshop

After the talks on Friday, there will be 2 half-hour sessions in small groups where you can get up close and personal with all the speakers. Moderated by Els Aerts.

After 30 minutes, we’ll ring the bell and you can switch from one speaker’s table to another if you want to.

There are Ask Me Anything sessions on various topics, Site Reviews and Landing Page Critiques. You can choose whichever 2 sessions you’d like to attend on the day itself.

  • Karl Gilis: Site Reviews
  • Annika Oorn: AMA on Optimising High Converting Websites
  • André Morys: AMA on the Optimization Process
  • Jonathan Epstein: AMA on AI-based AB-testing
  • Ivan Bager: AMA on Data Visualisation
  • Hana Abaza: AMA on B2B Marketing
  • Chris Out: AMA on How to Build a Growth Team
  • Pete Campbell: AMA on SEO & Content Marketing
  • Andy Carvell: AMA on Mobile Growth
  • Momoko Price: AMA on Persuasive Messaging & Copy
  • Els Aerts: AMA on Qualitative Research
  • Lukas Vermeer: AMA on A/B Statistics and Methodology
  • Alexa Hubley: Landing Page Critiques
  • Ed Frye: AMA on Data Ops and Customer Journey Orchestration
  • André Vieira: AMA on Competitive Optimization
  • Charles Meaden: How to configure Google Analytics correctly

Momoko Priceannika oornkarl gilisels aertshana abazaandré morysalexa hubleypete campbellandy carvellchris outivan bagerjonathan epsteinlukas vermeered fryandré vieiracharles meaden

PS: If you’re worn out after 2 days of talks, you can of course also head straight to the bar.